cleaning of buildings and the surrounding area

daily cleaning of premises

cleaning of windows and building facades

removable floor mats servicing

deratisation and disinfection

cleaning of pavements and paths

lawn mowing

snow removal services

elimination of black ice

landscaping services

seasonal maintenance of green areas


maintenance of utilities systems and equipment

maintenance of electrical systems

maintenance of lighting systems

maintenance of water supply and sewage systems

maintenance of individual heating units

maintenance of gas heating systems

maintenance of ventilation systems

maintenance of air conditioning systems

maintenance of fire alarms

maintenance of fire safety systems

maintenance of smoke extraction systems

maintenance of elevators

maintenance of automatic gates and barriers

maintenance of intercoms and intercommunication equipment

maintenance of video surveillance systems (CCTV)

Property management            

organisation of public utilities provision

administration of billing

financial planning

accounting of property savings funds

technical supervision of building structures

organisation of general meetings of co-owners

organisation of property insurance

management of development and improvement

management of construction works